Happy Education Workers’ Day!


Dear colleagues! We respectfully and lovingly congratulate you on our professional holiday, Education Workers’ Day.

Happy Librarian’s Day, Happy Libraries’ Day!


Greetings to all who serve the book!
We wish everyone peace and good forever,

The first president of the school was elected


Nikita Makarenko, a 9-A class student, was elected the first president of the school by a majority vote.

European Day of Languages ​​2021


The European Day of Languages ​​is traditionally held on 26 September at the initiative of the Council of Europe in order to promote multilingualism in Europe.

Stronger in Chess

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As part of the school games, chess competitions were held in two stages, qualifying and final.

# School of Peace. The long-awaited workshop


Within the framework of the School of Peace project, a workshop “Social Unity, Cohesion”

Results of the Olympic week


The Olympic Week was held at the school on the occasion of the Day of Physical Culture and Sports.

Inclusive educational space


Our school is at the origins of the introduction and development of inclusive education in the city.

Friendly meeting


It has become a good tradition to hold friendly sports games between students and teachers during Olympic Week.

Competitions of presenters


A modern, creative, charismatic and stylish presenter is one of the keys to the success of any event.