School students attended the Contest of Speaking at the International University of LCC.

If I wrote the laws of Ukraine …


The 11th grade student Angelina Tsabiy, as part of the delegation of our city, made an excursion to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Present the elementary school

поч школа

During the week, elementary school teachers present their experience.

We meet guests from Poland


Today, representatives of the International Department of Lodz University (Lodz, Poland), Mecislaw Pakosz, Justina Jidorczyk and the Polish language teacher Stavomir Rudzinsky, came to the school.

School nutrition

в куток

On a web-site “” department of economy and development of the Cherkasy city council conducted a tender on the feed of students in a school dining-room.

Victory in chemistry


ІІ place in ІІІ (regional) stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad from chemistry student of 10А class Anna Inozemets extracted in a fight (teacher Budavitska S.V.).

Modern library


Manager of the library of school Pertseva N.A. promoted qualification after the course of professional preparation of librarians.

Day of Collegiality


One hundred years passed from a notable for every Ukrainian event – Act of Connection of WUNR and UNR.

Félicitations nos gagnants olympiques!


Continue to make happy by victories of students of school in ІІІ (regional) stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads from base disciplines.

Our environmentalists are the best!

екологыя фото

School students at the III (oblast) stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Ecology gained the loudest victory.