“Childhood education”


Social educator, Kharchenko Ya.Yu., took part in an international seminar-training “Childhood education”.

Bullying: How to act for children, parents, teachers


Round-the-clock teachers gathered to talk about countering bullying in the school’s walls.

Competition “J’aime la langue et la culture françaises”


In the framework of the Year of the French Language in Ukraine, pupils of the school have participated in the video contest of French speakers “J’aime la langue et la culture françaises”.

Global Money Week – 2019


From March 14 to March 18, students at the Global Money Week – 2019 held educational events under the motto “Learn! Accumulate! Earn! “

# Unity Day


Our mood. In addition to studying during the break, they sang, danced and moved.

# Unity Day


Lesson-trip. At the 4th lesson, the students traveled to the children’s association “Country of Adventures” – “Place of interesting meetings”.

# Unity Day


Lesson of Goodness. The third lesson was held under the auspices of goodness.

# Unity Day

день єдності

Project lesson. At the 2nd lesson, primary school teachers prepared a surprise for students in grades 1-4.

# Unity Day


Financial literacy lesson. “Learn. Accumulate Earn money”.

Getting ready for the Unity Day


On the eve of the Unity Day, work is booming in the school.