The first sports victory


The school is always happy and proud of the success of young athletes. 3B class student Zorian Lesechko won the first sports victory in his life.

Road safety – safety in life!


Everyone feels safe when they know how to act in an extreme situation.

Healthy Schools: for the sake of healthy and joyful students. Food challenge


Continuing to compete during the fourth week of #foodchallenge, school students showed their talent and creativity.

Our contribution to saving the Earth


The results of environmental actions to collect secondary raw materials for the year have been summed up.

#School of Peace Workshop teachers


Safety above all! For several years in a row, this thesis has been a priority for our institution.

Art in poetry


Representatives of groups of 5-9 grades took part in the festival of readers of Ukrainian poetry “Art in Poetry”.

ZNO – 2021


The main session of the External Evaluation for those who complete general secondary education has begun



Once again, the school family joined the celebration of Embroidery Day.

Preparing to receive first-graders!


Parents of future first-graders are presented with programs that work

Parliamentary lesson

парламент куток

On May 20, the first National Online Lesson for students and teachers was held on the topic