Our contribution to saving the Earth


The results of environmental actions to collect secondary raw materials for the year have been summed up. This school year, ecologically important measures to save our planet took place in compliance with anti-epidemic restrictions. In the action to collect waste paper “Give a tree a ring!” 7 tons of 18 kg of waste paper were collected, thanks to which we saved more than 450 trees. The largest amount of waste paper was collected by 4-A class (class teacher Dziuba A.O.) – 1227 kg, the second were students of 3-I class (class teacher Shevchenko N.A.) – 910 kg, and the third place was won by students of 6-A class (class teacher Kononenko T.H.) – 612 kg.
To save the environment, it is urgent to clean the planet of polyethylene. Therefore, students get involved in this important work by collecting plastic bottles. Here the first place was shared by students of 4-A class (class teacher Dziuba A.O.) and 7-B class (class teacher Artiomova U.O.) – more than 1300 bottles each class, the second place was won by students of 4-B class (class teacher) Mohylna T.M.) – 645 bottles, the third place was taken by 8-B class (class teacher Zadyranov O.B.) – 564 bottles. Together, school students collected 7,112 plastic bottles.
The Environmental Committee of the school parliament thanks all the students of the school for their active participation in the collection of waste paper and plastic bottles. Note that by collecting secondary raw materials we preserve the natural environment of our planet.
We truly thank the entire school community for their active participation in environmental actions and look forward to further cooperation in the next school year.