Travel across native land


Vacations in the 5-B class (the class teacher Honchar T.A.) began actively and interestingly.

Let’s go to the museum!


The non-traditional form of the pedagogical council was conducted today.

Sofiievka fairy tale


Students of grades 5-B and 6-A, decided to admire the autumn scenery of Sofiievka Park at the beginning of the vacation.

Eva Kruhlova’s victory

спортивна гімнастика

Our students continue to win victories in city, regional and All-Ukrainian competitions.

Who is on top?


# My class 2019-20 The intellectually entertaining show “Who is on top?” was assembled in the auditorium of the 3rd grade students.

Kyiv travel


An interesting and informative excursion was made by students of 6-B and 7-A grades to Kyiv.

My Cossack Ukraine


# My class 2019-20 Paying homage to Ukrainian Cossacks, the students of 8A class (class teacher O.Voitsekhovska) invited their friends for a patriotic holiday.

League of Professions


The team of the Academy of Dreams participated in the City League of Professions.

History of Cossack glory


The school team took part in the second student quest on Cossack history.

School project


# My Class 2019-20 The Changing School is about us!

Blooming Ukraine


Student of 7A grade Kateryna Nikonova won 1st place in the All-Ukrainian project “Blooming Ukraine” in the nomination “Variety vocal”.

Let’s clean the city of polyethylene


To preserve the environment, we urgently need to clean our planet of polyethylene.