Day of Tolerance


Each of us must strive to uphold the principles of tolerance, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.

Art marathon (artistic creativity)


In the recreation of the third floor an exhibition of creative works was held, which takes place within the framework of the artistic marathon “Talents is your third school”.

Online Olympiad “On Lesson”


The results of the 2nd All-Ukrainian Internet Olympiad “On the lesson Fall 2018” are ready.

Presenting the experience of sustainable development


Is participation in education, government, business and public organizations needed to achieve the goals of sustainable development?

All-Ukrainian linguistic conference


A student of the 9th grade Vladyslav Bosenko (teacher Solomka O.M.) took part in the All-Ukrainian linguistic conference.

Yefrem Datsyk’s victory


Yefrem Datsyk, a student of 8A class, was selected for the gold medal at the Taekwondo Cup in Ukraine.

Transport snake


School workshop for sustainable development is working. During one week in our school, we explored the types of mobility, and helped us with the “Transport Snake”.

Ukrainian Writing Day


On the Ukrainian Writing Day, 458 schoolchildren participated in the 1st stage of the International Speech Competition named after Petro Yatsyk.

Competition named after Taras Shevchenko


The results of the II stage of the IX International Taras Shevchenko Lyceum and Literature Competition are ready.

Journey to the border guards

в куток

Pupils of grade 11-A (class teacher Kononenko T.H.) visited a military town located in Orshanets settlement.

Debate tournament “Cherkasy – 2018″


The club “Status” participated in the open autumn debatable tournament “Cherkasy-2018″, held under the “World Format”.

Healthy Schools


The school became one of the winners of the competition for participation in the social program Healthy Schools: for the sake of healthy and joyful schoolchildren.