Day of science


Once again, schoolchildren entered into unity with the science of higher education.

Joining European Values


Participants of the Euro club “Commonwealth” took part in the student forum “Youth against Corruption!

The best activist of the year – 2018


The results of the general school contest “Pupil of the year – 2018″ in the nomination “The best activist of the year” were summed up.

Ecological Theater in ChSTU


The Ecological Theater School presented its work at the seminar-training held at the Cherkasy State Technological University.

Results of ecological actions for the year


The results of ecological actions on collecting waste paper and plastic bottles for the year are summed up.

Day of Civil Protection


In order to teach pupils to act assembled and resolutely, not to be dismayed in the event of emergencies, the Civil Protection Day and integrated object training took place at the school.

The most integrated class – 2018


The results of the school competition “Class of the Year – 2018″ in the nomination “The Most Integrated Class” were summed up.

Pro Fest – 2018


Kateryna and Ihor Nikonovy, who are studying in class 5A, won the Pro Fest International Contest-Festival.

Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation


Students, parents, teachers, along with the entire Ukrainian people celebrate the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation.

Famous places of Cherkasy


The creative group of nine-year-olds took part in the urban festival of pupils’ videos “Prominent places of Cherkasy”.

“Save for a sure future”


In order to improve the knowledge of “Financial literacy” students from March 12 to April 10, 2018, in Cherkasy State Business College held a contest “Save for a sure future”.

Best artistic class – 2018


The results of the school competition “The Class of the Year – 2018″ in the “Best artistic class” nomination have been summed up.