Do you know Cherkasy?


This is how the wonderful children’s book “Traveling through Cherkasy from A to Z” begins. Pupils of the 1-I grade had the opportunity to attend an event at the local history museum, where an interactive book helped them pass the quest and visit all the prominent places of Cherkasy region in an hour. In addition, young local historians tasted Semyrenko apples, which were first described by our compatriot L.Semyrenko. They tried their hand at archaeology, and then, under the guidance of Iryna Zhuchok (illustrator of the book), they studied Petrykiv painting. The professor, director of the scientific library and honorary local historian H.M. Holysh also spoke about the pearls of Cherkasy region. A pleasant surprise was a meeting with my favourite writer – Hanna Hryhorovych, who urged me to devote more time to studying the history of my native land.
The author of the book, Tetiana Hryhorenko, was with the students all the time, who gladly answered questions and helped them go through the difficult stages of the quest. Children’s joy and delight knew no bounds. They are waiting for new excursions and trips.