Very briefly the most important in 2015:

Continued and successfully complete a major project for our school, “Education for Sustainable Development in Action”;

Its family members of the “Education for Sustainable Development in Action” and “Sustainable household” reduce water consumption to 12-16%, electricity by 17-18%; reduce the amount of garbage that is thrown, 27% simply by changing their habits. Participants estimated – a total of 15% savings for the family budget.

Became participants of the joint project of UNDP “market transformation towards energy efficient lighting”

Some of the results of the study

Found that students’ willingness to work towards sustainable development is very different classes, studying the course “Lessons for Sustainable Development” from those who have not studied this course.

September 25, 2015 193 Member States of the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development in New York unanimously adopted a new global program for sustainable development, which contains 17 goals that the world should reach by 2030.

“The true test of commitment to Agenda-2030 will be its implementation. We need action by all and everywhere. Our landmark is seventeen goals of sustainable development. They are mandatory list of cases for people and the planet, the plan succeed “, – said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during his speech at the summit.

1 January 2016 started the countdown – the world has 15 years to reach 17 ambitious goals.

Our school also will move to implement them, taking part in the competition “Sustainable Financing and – our choice”

More extensive information on the project to:


In March 2013 started the second phase of the project “Education for Sustainable Development in Action”, designed for 2013-2015. The project is a charitable organization “Teachers for Democracy and Partnership” (Ukraine) and “Global Action Plan” (Sweden) supported by the Agency for Development Cooperation SIDA (Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The project is aimed at teaching students and skills to build their own lives and families, the local community to meet the needs of sustainable development through the development and implementation in practice of schools and infant schools new direction Ukraine – education for sustainable development.

In 2010 – 2012 it was the first phase of the project “Education for sustainable development in action”. During the first phase of the project has developed a series of educational materials on education for sustainable development in grades 3-8. Subsequently, these materials were introduced in schools as elective courses, electives, clubs, club and other forms of extracurricular activities. In the first phase of the project was attended by 7 regions of Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Ternopil, Kharkiv and Poltava and Crimea.

Education for sustainable development aimed at forming Ukraine sustainable, ecological style of everyday life in the household, school and local community, which includes:

reducing the discharge of dust and waste of raw materials;

sustainable energy and water;

increasing the share of environmental products in everyday purchases, etc.

The project involves educational activity for sustainable development through information campaigns, such as:

Information Service of “Eco-Telephone” urban project;

Publication of information products;

cooperation with the media;

seminars, round tables;

competitions of children’s creativity

and creating environmental guard detachment at the school that will promote the goals and ideas of sustainable production and consumption in practice. Team members can be students, teachers and the public.