About the project

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from August 5, 2016 № 951 “On establishment of the working group and approved plan working group on the development of social cohesion of subjects of educational process” in Ukraine in September 2017 sold Ukrainian project “Development of social cohesion of subjects of the educational process. ”

Goal: to combine the efforts of parents, teachers and the public to help to create a comfortable environment for the children in social and cultural space.

Project objectives:

1) Examine the needs of parents, students and teachers on the main elements of the educational process;

2) Develop a strategy for the development of social cohesion subjects of the educational process;

3) Analyze the development of social cohesion of students, teachers and parents.


students of grades 7-9;

parents of students enrolled in grades 7-9;

Teachers who teach in grades 7-9.

Duration: September 2016 – October 2017.

Project coordinators are deputy director of educational work Karbivnycha I.V., school social teacher Hliobas I.M.

For information: Social cohesion – the ability of a society to ensure the welfare of all its members, minimizing disparities and avoiding the development of marginalized people.