We started our club in 2006.

Our Goal:

  • assistance in approaching Ukraine to Europe through organization and carrying out of actions aimed at informing youth about social, political and cultural life in European Union countries, enabling young people to learn European lifestyle in informal and unofficial way, forming European values by Ukrainian youth in the course of practical involvement of young people to various projects in their own communities;

  • assistance in development of quality systems of support of youth activity and viability of public youth organizations.

Our Tasks:

  1. promote informal European education and European integration for young people, participation in youth exchanges and international volunteer activity;

  2. help in learning and distribution of information among young people as regards social, political and cultural life of European Union countries, dissemination of information on youth exchanges, camps, European programs and projects, school European clubs, holding of meetings and carrying out of competitions, contests, festivals etc.;

  3. promote development of solidarity and tolerance between young people, especially for strengthening social relations with youth of European Union;

  4. contribute to increase of mutual understanding between people from different countries and establishment of international partnership relations both at personal and public level;

  5. help in organizing efficient dialogue between young people and state bodies for the purpose of enabling young people to exercise their rights;

  6. lobbying and protection of interests of young people in local and regional authorities;

  7. promote conception of equal opportunities for all youth regardless of sex, nationality and social status;

  8. contribute to increase in youth professional level by trainings and other actions aimed at organization of partnership, increase in quality of implemented projects and deepening knowledge in various spheres of youth work;

  9. information and advise support of all youth initiatives aimed at effective changes in today’s Ukrainian society;

  10. promote teamwork of young people from different cultural, ethnic or religious communities aimed at development of intercultural education.