The language of instruction is Ukrainian

The school premises were built in 1964.

In 2005, the school celebrated its centenary as one of the oldest institutions in the city.

The institution has 49 classrooms, 2 workshops for technology classes with modern equipment, 1 service room. At the students’ disposal are assembly and sports halls, a room for remedial and developmental classes with students with special educational needs, an equipped logo point and a psychologist’s room, all primary school classrooms are equipped with multimedia and video equipment, classrooms (30 TVs and 11 projectors), 3 computer classrooms, 3 mathematics classrooms, 1 physics classroom, 1 chemistry classroom, 2 biology classrooms, 1 geography classroom, 3 Ukrainian language and literature classrooms, 7 foreign language classrooms, choreography hall, library, school canteen, medical office. 4 classes of the primary school are technically equipped to integrate children with special educational needs into the educational process. Children covered by inclusive education study according to the educational program of the educational institution adapted or modified with a corrective and developmental component according to nosology. They are provided with the services of corrective and developmental classes, in particular: a speech therapist teacher, a special education teacher, a deaf teacher, and a practical psychologist.

In the current school year:

- ten classes of primary school work according to the NUSh-2 program;

- four primary and one fifth grades work under the “Intellect of Ukraine” program;

- five classes – in-depth study of the English language;

- two classes – in-depth study of biology and chemistry;

- two specialized classes – philological (foreign languages);

- two profile classes in natural sciences (chemistry and biology).

The local INTERNET network has been created in the institution, there is its own WEB-site, teachers’ sites for specialized subjects and sites of Methodist teachers in primary school. To organize a high-quality educational process using distance learning technologies, work on the G-Suite for Education platform has been implemented. The Oshkola electronic magazine/diary is used to evaluate the educational achievements of students and provide feedback to parents.

There are electronic software and methodical tools for conducting virtual experiments and experiments in biology and chemistry.

In the 2022/2023 academic year, the institution has 33 classes, where 1098 students study. The educational process of which is provided by 63 teachers and 2 part-time teachers (teachers of pre-higher education institutions), among them:

11 have the pedagogical title “Teacher-methodist”,

7 – nickname “Senior teacher”,

27 teachers have the qualification category “Specialist of the highest category”,

2 teachers were awarded the badge “Excellence in Education of Ukraine”,

3 teachers were awarded with an honorary certificate of the Ministry of Education
and sciences of Ukraine.

To satisfy the educational requests of participants in the educational process
various circles and sections of volleyball, basketball, taekwondo, aikido, tennis, a volunteer and debate club, elementary and patriotic circles work in the institution.

Cherkasy specialized school of I-III degrees No. 3 cooperates with institutions of higher education, in particular with Cherkasy State University of Technology.

In recent years, the school has been working on a scientific and methodological problem, which involves the development of creativity, self-improvement and daily response to changes in society and the teaching staff. Teachers take an active part in the work of creative groups on the development of methodological foundations of the content of education, theory and implementation of innovations in the educational process, are participants in various educational projects. This year, two creative groups of teachers from our institution became laureates of the regional stage of the digital resources competition.

During the last academic year, the school started and continued work in various level projects, implementation of innovative educational activities. The teachers of the humanitarian cycle continued the implementation of the project “Study and distinguish: info-media literacy”, the purpose of which is the formation of sustainable skills to counter falsifications, fakes, the ability to debunk them, consolidation of oral and written communication skills, improvement of social communication skills and critical thinking.

“School Workshop of Sustainable Development”, which is a multi-subject project that contributes to the formation of environmental awareness and in-depth assimilation of the program material of the subjects of the natural and mathematical cycle, which corresponds to the profiling, worked with the aim of forming a valuable attitude of the students of education towards the environment and a deeper assimilation of the program material from the natural sciences. institution The school focuses on the capabilities, inclinations and interests of each individual student. This is ensured thanks to the profiling of training. The institution implements modern teaching aids, pedagogical innovations, and uses information and communication technologies. Biology teacher Lyudmila Volodymyrivna Dovgal took part in the professional competition “Teacher of the Year 2022″ and became its winner at the city and regional stages