World Health Day


Today, the school family and the entire world community are celebrating World Health Day. This holiday has been a tradition since the middle of the last century. The date of the celebration of World Health Day is timed to the day of the establishment of the World Health Organization, or rather the day of the adoption of the statute of this organization. The WHO Charter was adopted on April 7, 1948, at the same time as the first session of the World Health Assembly, and the idea arose to hold this international holiday. Until 1950, this day was celebrated on July 22, the day when the proposed ratification of the proposed WHO Statute took place, then the day was fixed to the current date.
There is a very simple idea in our public consciousness that is directly related to health issues and the problems of its absence. “There will be health – everything else will be added,” is the centuries-old observation. Indeed, the presence or absence of a person in this most valuable state, radically determines his daily life, social and social environment. Health is a real treasure that you and I sometimes ignore. Healthy people mostly rarely think about how to properly and intelligently organize their lives and activities so that their health remains strong and reliable in the long run.
Health can be very expensive. And mostly it is about trying to get it back in place. On World Health Day, we wish everyone safe storage. All patients – a speedy recovery. Physicians have a good material and technical base. To all of us – to be healthy and cheerful! Happy holidays to you!