Our graduate about the future profession


One of the most important steps in life is choosing a profession. After all, doing what you are interested in brings joy – one of the conditions for feeling fulfilled in life.
The desire to “find yourself”, to become “yourself”, individuality is an indispensable sign of youth.
In some places, the choice facing graduates is extremely difficult and will affect the future. A graduate of our school – Serhii Leonidovych Honcharov, doctor of veterinary sciences, associate professor of the department of pharmacology, parasitology and tropical veterinary science of NUBiP of Ukraine – emphasized these main aspects.
Today he met with the graduates of the 11-B class, who are facing an important choice in their lives – choosing a profession. Speaking about his own excitement and achievements, Serhii Leonidovych emphasized the need to weigh his aspirations and opportunities and choose with his mind and soul and singled out the opportunities that will open up for students of the veterinary faculty of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine.
Choosing a profession is perhaps the most important factor in how your future life will develop and how you will feel in it. After all, everyone wants not only to earn money, but also to realize their potential and get real satisfaction from their activities.