Makes videos on TikTok and destroys stereotypes

Знімок екрана 2024-01-18 165413

In modern society, education is an important component of the development of children and adults, and the role of teachers in it is leading. Educators contribute to the improvement of students’ intellectual, moral and social skills, which affects their future success. It is difficult to call the profession simple, because specialists have to work with people with different characters and views. However, work as a teacher will always remain relevant. It was this profession that our young creative participant of the “Teacher of the Year” contest, the class teacher of the 1-B class Palash Diana Serhiiivna, chose for herself.
Regarding young teachers, there are often prejudices that, due to less experience, they know and know how to present material and organize the educational process worse than their older colleagues. However, recent studies have shown that beginning teachers are better at engaging students and motivating them to learn. New specialists in the field of education today are an important resource for the country. They better find a common language with children, convey the material, thanks to their friendly attitude towards pupils and the use of innovative approaches.
We are waiting for new creative ideas, forward and only forward.