World Savings Day


The project “Be Saving!” started on the World Savings Day.

Inclusive education: an educational environment for children with PLOs


Movement in the direction of inclusion – this is not only a technical or organizational change, but also its philosophy.



Implementing modern information technologies, the Electronic School of Online Schools’ e-commerce starts its work on November 5.

V.O. Sukhomlynsky – 100 years old


The pedagogical community celebrates the 100th anniversary of an outstanding teacher and studies both in the last century and now.

Party of my dreams

Без названия

In today’s context, it is important to understand the essence of democracy, the electoral process and learn to analyze political programs.

Art Marathon (4 classes)


On the last day before the autumn holidays, their talents were represented by 4-grade pupils within the artistic marathon “Talents is your third school”.

New Paper Containers


In 2015, the school became the founder of the city ecological action on the sorting of domestic wastes “Green Virus”.

Art Marathon (3 classes)


Students continue to demonstrate their best creative abilities within the artistic marathon “Talents is your third school”.

Meeting with French scholars


9th grade pupils Ivan Postolenko and Artem Smotrytel participated in a meeting with the French scientist, Dr. Xavier Drue.

Art Marathon (2 classes)


Our school was always famous for creative students.