Meeting with French scholars


9th grade pupils Ivan Postolenko and Artem Smotrytel participated in a meeting with the French scientist, Dr. Xavier Drue. The scientist described the history and development of science in France. Monsieur Drue stopped at the discoveries and inventions of prominent French scholars: Abruaze Pare in the field of surgery, the inventor of the Nicolas Joseph Cigno Steam Machine, the Mongolphian Brothers Ballast, Frederic Jolie Curie’s Chain Nuclear Reaction.
Many issues were raised by Doctor Drue in his speech to growing representatives of the Ukrainian scientific elite. He emphasized the importance of knowledge of both the mother tongue and the study of foreign languages: “Irrespective of the science you practice, you have to understand that you must never neglect the practice of languages, whether it is your native language or foreign languages”.
The meeting was held with the support of the French-speaking center “Alliance”.