“Side by side”


Today at the Cathedral Square of Cherkasy All-Ukrainian competition for the most creative Energizer within sport and mass of the “Side by Side” took place.

Give tree a ring!

Изображение 014

Today the ecological action of collecting recyclable materials took place.

XVII All-Ukrainian Science Conference


Student of 10-B class Tatiana Bytko took part in the XVII National Conference of Young Scientists.

Sharing experiences


There was a regional workshop for deputy principals, which introduced inclusive education.

Festival of psychological theatres


Social and psychological theatre of our school “Paraleli” took part in the annual city festival contest of the theatres.

Maria, congratulations!


Maria Talalayevska, the pupil of 10-A form, took the 3rd place in the All-Ukrainian stage of contest –defense of scientific works.

World Earth Day


During the World Earth Day our school as participator of the project “ Education for the stable development” took part in public events to draw the attention of the citizens of our city to the ideas of the stable development.

Pedagogical educational models for the stable development


Our school took part in the work of the scientific and practical conference “Pedagogical educational models for the stable development in Ukraine”

Maria Talalaievska is the winner of the program FLEX!


An independent commission in the United States, consisting of highly skilled professionals in education and international exchanges, has selected participants.

This patriotic flash mob


Students of 8-10 grades participated in the patriotic flash mob “Ukrainian puzzle” and “Towel is a unity of young Ukraine.”