Remembering the Heroes of Kruty

в куток крути

Every year on January 29, Ukraine commemorates the Heroes of Kruty.

Improving French language


Every year the students of our school successfully pass the DELF international exam.

For parents of future first-graders

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For parents of future first-graders

Day of Unity of Ukraine


Every year on the day of proclamation of the Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People’s Republic

Doing science is interesting


The students of our school, who are active participants in the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works of the Academy of Sciences,

My hobby


For the third year in a row, the school family presents their preferences, hobbies and favorite activities.

Being polite is cool!


Almost all of us are experts in politeness and kindness, but not all of us are convinced that attention and kindness help in any situation.

Studying during lockdown


Dear participants of the educational process!

Pedagogical reboot


#pedagogichna_maisternia The new 2021 pedagogical workers started with their reboot.

Trial ZNO-2021


The purpose of the trial ZNO is to get acquainted with the procedure of conducting an external independent assessment