Pedagogical reboot


#pedagogichna_maisternia The new 2021 pedagogical workers started with their reboot. The development of new technologies, methods and techniques took place during the meeting of the pedagogical council, master classes and training sessions. The meeting of the pedagogical council was informative and meaningful, where teachers not only considered theoretical issues concerning the systematic approach to the implementation of the social-state concept of education, but also practically mastered the interactive exercises “Market Square”, “Circle of Socrates”. The image of a teacher must inspire. No matter how professionally trained a teacher is, he is simply obliged to improve his personal qualities, thus creating his own image. And it was during psychological studies that teachers worked on their own image, learned self-presentations. Considered the components of a successful teacher, improved the ability to make a good impression. During the training session “Countering bullying in the student environment” they deepened their knowledge about bulling cases, discussed the emotional state of the child, looked for ways to solve children’s problems and shared experiences in setting a positive atmosphere in the children’s team. Distance learning has not gone unnoticed. “Psychological readiness of a teacher for distance learning” was the topic of the next training, where teachers went through the “Steps of Change”, composed sencans dedicated to distance learning, looking for resources for themselves during distance learning. Finally, they came to the conclusion of such a reboot: “The test is just an additional chance to learn something new and become better!”