Being polite is cool!


Almost all of us are experts in politeness and kindness, but not all of us are convinced that attention and kindness help in any situation. And who is such a polite person? Participants of the school action “Being polite is cool!” tried to answer this question. Together with the social pedagogue Kharchenko Ya.Yu. and practical psychologist Lytovchenko T.A., they organized an action “Being polite is cool!” After researching the topic of politeness, the participants of the action came to the conclusion that a person must be polite if he wants to live well among people. Everyone is constantly communicating with others. This is unavoidable if you do not live somewhere on a desert island. If people do not follow the rules of behavior and politeness, life in the modern city will become a constant stress for everyone. Politeness is a spiritual virtue. Being polite means being able to behave in public and have good manners. You don’t have to be polite to strangers just to make a good impression. A truly polite person is a person who behaves well always, everywhere and with everyone. It is said that politeness acts as a magnet and attracts people. However, this trait needs to be nurtured for a long time. So we invite the school family to join the challenge # Be polite – it’s cool!