#School of Peace Forum “Peaceful and safe educational environment – the goal and steps to create”


For eight months, our school, the only one in the region and one of seven in Ukraine, is implementing the School of Peace project.

Marathon of writing letters

в куток

For the second year in a row, we invite the school community to join a global event dedicated to Human Rights Day

We honor the victims of the Holodomor


The whole school family bows their heads before the victims of the Holodomor.

Let’s say violence – No!


Today, the school launched the International Action “16 Days Against Violence”

Safe traffic – a happy life!


Only when you know, how to act in this or that extreme situation, you can feel safe.

Day of Dignity and Freedom


This day is special for the citizens of our state. It reminds that dignity is possessed by everyone,

The best connoisseurs of geography


The triumphant march of our students in the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads has begun.

We learn to be tolerant


Today, the school family together with the whole world celebrates the International Day for Tolerance.

A journey along the alley of legal knowledge


Pupils of the school took part in the second stage of the regional competition “Journey along the Alley of Legal Knowledge”.

Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language


The Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language is a celebration of the development of the state language