We learn to be tolerant


Today, the school family together with the whole world celebrates the International Day for Tolerance. It is important to remember that tolerance is tolerance for a different worldview, lifestyle, behavior, culture and customs. The ability to be tolerant and understanding of the differences of others is an integral part of modern life and a condition for the organic coexistence of different people in one society. After all, each of us is unique. On this day, the slogan “All different – all equal”, which has long been a symbol of tolerance and respect for diversity, is more relevant than ever.
Today, everyone had the opportunity to join the events held at the school that day. From the very morning, young students received informative brochures about tolerance, which tell about the importance of today. First graders enthusiastically watched and discussed the animated films “My Friend – Hedgehog” and “Just like that”, which promote tolerant and friendly attitude to each other. Third-graders joined the exhibition of drawings “Tolerance through the eyes of children”. The teacher-organizer together with the class teacher conducted classes with elements of art therapy with students of the 3rd grade “What color is tolerance”, during which third-graders joined the flash mob “Palms of Good”. Fourth graders have prepared interesting messages for beginners “We will teach you to be tolerant”. Classes of communication took place in grades 3A and 3B, where students and teachers sought answers to the question “How to make society tolerant”. A survey of the “How Tolerant You Are” survey was conducted among the teaching community, the results of which will be announced at the end of the week. “We are all equal – we are all different” – a lesson on this topic was held in 4A class, and students of 4B class wrote wishes to all people of the world and left them on the “Tree of Tolerance”.
Let’s be tolerant – let’s be happy!