“Pumpkin lanterns” from Caritas


Our school continues active cooperation with the Caritas Mariupol Children’s Centre.

Art expeditions


Art expeditions continue for students of the 4th grade. Today they visited the Cherkasy Regional Children’s Library.

“Trace Quest” game-quest for 5th grades


Today, the corridors of our school were noisy and fun, the 5th graders participated in the “Trace Quest” game.

Grappling competition


Horbenko Nikita, a student of the 4-A class, took part in the grappling competition of the

Winner in gymnastics


The school has always been famous for its athletes and proud of their victories.

We are deeply saddened by the loss


The sad news is terrible and unfair – the heart of a charming woman, wife and mother, grandmother

Trench candles for soldiers of the Armed Forces


A trench candle not only shines, but also warms. With its help, fighters can cook food, heat water for tea, etc.

School football championship


The school football championship among national teams of grades 5-7 has ended.

World Day of Bread


Bread is one of the most popular products in the world, without which not a single day of our life is complete.

Let’s take care of ourselves and eat right!


The World Day of Healthy Eating is celebrated annually on October 16 in 50 countries of the world.