School football championship


The school football championship among national teams of grades 5-7 has ended. The matches took place in an intense, uncompromising struggle, as each team sought to win. The athletes showed great perseverance, dexterity, mastery of the ball, tactical abilities, endurance and excellent play. Everything was like in big football – intense moments, support group, own goals, and yellow cards. Referees, physical education teachers, Dikhtiarenko Oleksandr Vasyliovych and Shkeliberda Oleh Viktorovych walked around the field, carefully watching the game, and also instructed the boys during breaks. There was a fierce struggle on the field.
As a result of the matches played, the prize places were distributed as follows:
1st place – collective team of 6 grades;
2nd place – collective team of 5 grades;
3rd place – collective team of 7 grades.
All participants received many positive emotions from the game. Forward to great victories.