World Day of Bread


Bread is one of the most popular products in the world, without which not a single day of our life is complete. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has its own holiday – World Day of Bread, which is celebrated annually on October 16.
The holiday was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners. And the choice of date is determined by the fact that on October 16, 1945, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations was established, which was engaged in solving problems in the development of agriculture and its production.
Today, as at all times, in any country of the world, bread and bakery products enjoy constant love. People of different nationalities have always treated bread with care. It was given the most honourable place on the table. It was and remains a symbol of life.
It was all this knowledge that the children used in the lessons throughout today. An educational lesson “There is no fate without salt, and life without bread!” was held for students of the 4-B grade.
Children of the 1-A grade will find out how bread got to the table, how many people’s work is needed so that you can eat a delicious piece of bread.
As part of the lesson “Bread is the gold of the Earth”, students of 2-V discussed the origin and meaning of bread, how flour is made, watched the cartoon “The girl who stepped on bread” and at the end tasted bakery products.
Pupils of 4-V worked creatively during the educational lesson “There is no fate without salt, but without bread – life!”, which was held using various interactive exercises and game forms.
How many interesting things the children learned in such, at first glance, familiar everyday food.
Bread is also a small grain that resembles a swaddled baby.
Bread is also the tired hands of the farmer, who tiredly fall to his knees.
Bread is a fragrant loaf that the baker takes out.
Bread is a sanctuary.