Let’s take care of ourselves and eat right!


The World Day of Healthy Eating is celebrated annually on October 16 in 50 countries of the world. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. There is practically no organ and system in the human body whose normal functioning does not depend on nutrition.
The purpose of the World Day of Healthy Eating is to raise public awareness of the need for proper organization of healthy eating.
On this day, educational work is carried out among the population about a healthy lifestyle. In the media and on the Internet, materials are published on how to properly prepare your diet and prevent the development of various ailments. Talk shows about proper nutrition and healthy food are held on television, medical and scientific TV programs on this topic are broadcast, and cooking classes on preparing healthy dishes are arranged.
Our schoolchildren also joined these events. Lessons dedicated to healthy eating already traditionally take place. For 6th grade students, a thematic lesson was held – the workshop “Making a balanced daily menu”, during which the schoolchildren not only learned about the caloric content and nutritional value of dishes, but also developed their own balanced daily menu. Activists of the eighth grade presented the “Healthy Food Plate” project and during the day during breaks promoted their achievements. Primary school students also joined in celebrating the World Day of Healthy Eating. The thematic lesson “Useful fruits” was offered to their attention. Each student in the class presented their favourite fruit or vegetable. What a variety of colours and aromas reigned in the school, from exotic fruits to traditional apples, pears and grapes.
Pupils of 4-B created a collage with appropriate accents and their own preferences “Healthy nutrition is the key to a happy life”.