Happy St. Nicholas Day!


St. Nicholas Day is a very important day.

#School of Peace. Best practices


Everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of our institution.

Everyone can be St.Nicholas


On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the school self-government donated charitable aid to children with cancer.

Bronze in English


From the first grade the school begins to study foreign languages ​​in depth.

#School of Peace. Alumni meeting


The team of our “peacekeepers” took part in the meeting of graduates of the School of Peace.

Human Rights Day


Today, the whole school family, together with the world community, celebrates Human Rights Day.

The future of Ukraine


Yehor Skrypnyk, a student of 8-A class, won the XII All-Ukrainian scientific and technical exhibition-competition of youth innovative projects “Future of Ukraine”.

Ukrainian Headscarf Day


For the third time, the female half of our school family took part in the world flashmob of Ukrainian women dedicated to the Ukrainian headscarf.

Vadym Kharchenko’s Golden Podium


The school is always proud of the sports victories of its students.

We respect the military

vit 061219

The Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has long since turned from a professional holiday into a truly national one.