Congratulations of the school principal

вітання дир

Dear students, dear teachers and parents!

Goodbye, elementary school!


And that was an exciting moment for the 4th grade students when they got older and went to the second level of study.

Holiday of start of summer holidays


On the last spring day, students, teachers, parents greet eleven-year-olds with the end of school.

Invitation to the language camp “SUNSHINE”

GoCamp 2019 Project. Starting from June 5, 2019, our summer school “SUNSHINE” will run at our school.

Day of harmony in nature


# Democratic school Students, parents and teachers traveled today to the green paths of the Victory Park.

The socially-active school is a socially-active student


The Holiday of Intellect, Pride and Talent was held at the Ivan Kulyk City House of Culture.

Pride of the school


The whole school family is proud of the students who, through their conscientious work, have achieved the highest results in learning – our distinguished students.

Announcement! “Day of Harmony in Nature”


The project “Social cohesion”.

Week of psychology


Creatively, brightly and with unforgettable impressions a week passed.

Vernissage of true masters


Traditionally, at the end of the school year, 5-10 grade students presented their best work.