Art Marathon (3 classes)


Students continue to demonstrate their best creative abilities within the artistic marathon “Talents is your third school”. Representatives of the parallel of the third classes confidently and zealously participated in the event. Marina Ruchkina (3A), who performed in the nomination “Musical art” conquered the spectators with the virtuoso play on the violin. Darya Naumenko and Stanislava Parnacheva (3A) in the category “Vocal Art” presented the wonderful songs “My World” and “Rain” to all present. The greatest number of participants in the marathon was presented in the nomination “Choreographic Art”: Sofia Yefremova, Polina Mehnina (3A), Polina Konovalova (3B), Bohdan Motornyi, Uliana Tovstopiat, Nadiia Baiukrak and Victoria Mykytenko (3B). In their performance, the spectators saw a battle Ukrainian hopak, a ballet composition, an oriental dance, dancing in the style of “disco”, “disco-layer”, “hip-hop”. Rada Nikolenko (3A) and Matvii Chilinkin (3B), who demonstrated a high level of athletic skill, came forward in the nomination “Gymnastics, Sports Studies and Acrobatics”. Anastasia Shevchenko (3B) tried her forces in the nomination “The Art of the Word”, presenting humorous humorists at the discretion of the audience.
To the artistic marathon “Talents is your third school” involved more and more participants. On October 26, we invite everyone to review the performances of the 4th grade students.

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