Art Marathon (2 classes)


Our school was always famous for creative students. For many years we have conquered the highest steps in city and regional competitions and festivals. Since the beginning of the school year, we have an artistic marathon “Talents is your third school”. The 2nd grade students, who took part in it, demonstrated their best creative abilities. In the nomination “Vocal Art,” ensemble 2B, 2V classes and Victoria Bilous (2A) charmed with excellent singing. Mixed-dance performances were presented by Sofia Kutsenko, Ivan Cherniy (2A), Stanislav Bakum (2B) and Victoria Lyshnaia (2B) in the nomination “Choreographic Art”. Karina Fedorchuk and Ilia Maklashov (2A) in the nomination “Gymnastics Sketches and Acrobatics” brought the audience their high level of skill in this field. In the nomination “The Art of the Word” witty smiles entertained all those present Timothy Paliichuk (2B). The audience heard the masterful musical sketches performed by Kirill Onishchenko (2B).
The artistic marathon “Talents is your third school” is gaining momentum. We invite everyone to see the performances of 3 classes on October 24, and on October 26 – 4 classes.

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