New Paper Containers


In 2015, the school became the founder of the city ecological action on the sorting of domestic wastes “Green Virus”. The initiators of the action, which was held under the slogan “Sorting garbage every family – to Ukraine’s sustainable development,” then came the Ecological Committee of the School Parliament, the school branch of the All-Ukrainian Children’s Union “Ecological Guard”, the club “AQUA” together with the cardboard and paper mill “Paper – Mal “and the Ukrainian waste recycling company.
Since then, it has been three years since our Cherkasy school picked up our initiative. To date, the “Green Virus” action has become one of the activities of such projects as “School workshop for sustainable development”, “Climate drops”, “Give a tree ring” from WWF Ukraine. Thanks to this fruitful work, schoolchildren and their families learned how to sort household waste.
Recently, the school hosted ecological actions for collecting waste paper “Give the tree a ring” and plastic bottles “Clean the city from polyethylene”, where the school family collectively collected more than three tons of waste paper and 7184 plastic bottles.
Ukrainian paper recycling company and paper mill “Paper – Mal”, for active participation in environmental cleaning of household waste, provided us with new paper collection containers. The ecological sectors of the class collectives and the volunteer club “Vector” will place them in each school room.