#School of Peace Workshop teachers


Safety above all! For several years in a row, this thesis has been a priority for our institution. Therefore, they could not refuse to participate in the project, which teaches to build a peaceful school, embodying the ideas of peacebuilding and mediation. 8 peacekeeping schools were selected for the project year, including ours. The trainers of the NGO “Near” have already conducted trainings for students of 8-9 grades, in more detail at the link: http://school3.ck.ua/shkolamiru-trening/ For a team of like-minded teachers, workshops were held on 21 and 22 May on “Conflict Transformation and Mediation” (non-violent conflict resolution, school mediation, including methodological training in interactive, child-centered teaching methods. So we gained new knowledge, skills and social cohesion for further work. It was cool! Join!