Preparing to receive first-graders!


Parents of future first-graders are presented with programs that work in the Cherkasy specialized school of I-III degrees №3. For the 2020-2021 school year, we will work in two areas:

- NUS-2 – A typical educational program edited by Shiian B.

- “Intellect of Ukraine” – scientific and technological project.

We present to you each direction of work:

The main provisions of the scientific and technological project “Intellect of Ukraine”

1. The essence of the project is not to saturate with in-depth knowledge, but to acquire skills of creative thinking, work with information, self-esteem and self-control, development of positive qualities in a child.

2. Availability of interdisciplinary links, visual aids and video material. For example, if in a reading lesson children learn a text about a nightingale, the lesson “Me and Ukraine” will focus on the topic of bird species with the use of video and audio materials.

3. During each lesson, students have several musical breaks with exercise and dance movements and do exercises for the eyes.

You can read more about Intellect of Ukraine at the following links: