Results of the Olympic week


The Olympic Week was held at the school on the occasion of the Day of Physical Culture and Sports. It started with a morning workout “Health is fine – thanks for charging!” for primary school students. Under the slogan: “Faster! Higher! Stronger!” were the Small Olympic Games for 3rd graders. Elementary school students joined an exhibition of drawings and collages, where they presented their favorite sports. Pupils of 5-7 grades competed for the school football cup. Unforgettable impressions were left by volleyball competitions among students of 8-9 grades. And the winning team had the honor to compete with the team of teachers. During the week, during the information hours, all students of the school became participants of the “Single Olympic Lesson” and got acquainted with the history of various Olympic sports. In the classes there were various activities about the importance of sports in the life of each person, quizzes on the best connoisseur of the history of the Olympic Games. An exhibition of posters “Olympic Movement: Present” was organized in the school’s recreation, and an exhibition of literature “Olympic Movement in Ukraine” was organized in the library.
Within a week, the pupils of the Cherkasy Tigers sports club visited the school and enthusiastically demonstrated their taekwondo skills. Pupils of 5-6 grades took part in a master class in sport archery. Olympic Week successfully opened the school sports day 2021-2022 school year.