Olympic week


In order to promote Olympic sports, students in grades 5-6 became participants in a master class in archery.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!


Today we honor the memory of the soldier-defender of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, a graduate of the school Yevhen Podolianchuk.

K.Fund School


The K.Fund School project offers a unique opportunity for students in grades 7-11 to take free Web programming courses!

Pre-election race. Publication of programs


The presentation of candidates for the position of vice presidents and the announcement of programs by the participants of the presidential marathon began.

Pre-election race. Round table with the principal


Candidates for the presidency met with school principal Valerii Ivanovych Zavinovskyi.

Life-saving skills


Of particular importance in today’s realities is the ability to provide first aid (pre-medical).

The first meeting of the Mayor


The first meeting of the mayor – the chamber of the school parliament – took place.

Pre-election race. Candidate registration


The election campaign for the position of the first president of the school has started today.

Australian Cup


Another victory at the beginning of the new school year was won by a student of 4B class Artem Aleksandrov.

Day of Knowledge


The summer holidays passed quickly and the students sat down at their desks – the new 2021-2022 school year has begun.