European Day of Languages ​​2021


The European Day of Languages ​​is traditionally held on 26 September at the initiative of the Council of Europe in order to promote multilingualism in Europe. Linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and a key element of the richness of our continent’s cultural heritage. Every year it is a great opportunity to test your knowledge of European languages, to start learning a new language.
Traditionally, the whole school family joined the celebration. For the first time, the first-graders celebrated the Day of European Languages ​​together with the whole school family. Young English language experts were divided into teams and actively passed the quest maze, where they looked for a way out of the jungle among numbers, colors and animals. All students were happy to complete the tasks and were happy to join the holiday!
2nd graders studied the flags of European countries. Pupils of 4-5 grades studied greetings in different languages ​​of the world, high school solved quests.
Also on this day there was a great opportunity to congratulate the young camp Go Camp online 2021. This year there were 2 camps: English and French. The campers immersed themselves in the language environment, studied the culture of other countries, learned to work with art objects of their city and practiced languages ​​with volunteers.
Let’s celebrate together!