We are from the Cossack family


The 11th-grade students took part in the patriotic festival “We are from the Cossack family” dedicated to the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

Happy Day of Defender of Ukraine!


Accept the sincere congratulations on the holidays – the Day of the Defender of Ukraine and the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin!

What? Where? When?


City Tournament of the game “What? Where? When?” has started.

Elections – 2017


The company has started the election of the Speaker of the School Parliament.

Studying our history


During the wonderful time of the “Golden Autumn” students continue to get acquainted with the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine.

With Shevchenko in the heart


The first stage of the VІІІ International Taras Shevchenko for pupils and student Youth Literature Contest has begun.

Our Olympic hope


Our sports athlets continue to glorify our school with their sports achievements.

Charming Whistling


Pupils of 2-3 classes presented their works at the Vitamin show held in the regional library named after T.H. Shevchenko.

Save the environment


There were ecological actions on collecting waste paper «Give the tree a ring» and plastic bottles «Clean the city from polyethylene».

Our school is our family


Project “Development of social cohesion of subjects in the educational process” Every year the school changes and acquires new features.