Closing of language camp “Sunshine”


Closing ceremony of the summer language camp «Sunshine» was held. Within two weeks, the children were able to learn and had learning relaxing vacation. Greeted the students Voskolovych ZH.YU., camp principal, who wished all present a good rest during the summer months and presented awards to the most active students. Thanks to the hard work of teachers of foreign languages ​​Tereshchenko I.V., Voitsekhovska O.V., Kolomiets L.M., Draka O.V. and Borona O.O. students deepened their knowledge of English, French and German, having visited different parts of the city. Since this year the camp is a member of Go-camp, they were able to take part in exciting projects related to sport and healthy lifestyle. Within the project students of the camp visited regional children’s library, the library named after L.Ukrainka, comprehensive youth sports school “Spartak”, stadium, Central Park “Pine Forest”, a children’s park and the Valley of Roses. Unlike last year’s camp, all projects took place outdoors alternating training interesting mobile games. Students studied the history of the sport in Ukraine, analyzed the ratio of institutions of healthy eating and fast food in the city center. Each student had the opportunity to try their hand at various sports equipment. As a result, the obtained information and practical experience, students created their own sports ground layout of the new Ukrainian school, recipe book “Healthy Food”.

Children communicated in foreign languages. Relaxed atmosphere that prevailed in the language camp allowed children to relax, get a lot of positive emotions and thus increase the language skills.