School project


# My Class 2019-20 The Changing School is about us! For a year now the school community has been actively involved in various projects. This year, after a heated discussion, students, parents and teachers have decided to present the work of classes by creating a school-wide project – “# My Class 2019-20″. The essence of the project is to prepare an interesting event for the class and to present to a wide range of spectators. Each class has the opportunity to present a creative report on the most vivid moments of school life in the form of presentations, videos, photo collages, and more.
The first phase of the project will take place during the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year.
Participation in the project will introduce students to the diversity of school talents; enable informal communication, autonomy of judgment, teamwork and social responsibility.
We wish you creativity, perseverance and inspiration.