Who is on top?


# My class 2019-20 The intellectually entertaining show “Who is on top?” was assembled in the auditorium of the 3rd grade students. The organizers of the event were the class teachers Tetiana Mohylna, Alla Dziuba, Iryna Mykhailenko and the 3rd grade parent community. The competition took place between girls and boys. Each team consisted of nine participants. “Who is smarter: men or women?” – this question had to answer the results of the game, which consisted of 7tours. Teams answered a variety of questions, made up words from “live” letters, showed pantomimes, and even launched airplanes. The hosts of the show were: a representative of the Parents Committee Larioshin Borys Vladyslavovych, and a class teacher of the 3B class, Mohylna Tetiana. The participants of the game were greeted by the choreographic staff of the Smiley school (supervisor Zinchenko N.C.) with an incendiary tank. According to the results of the work of the distinguished jury, which included the deputy director of educational work Parnachova N.V., teacher-organizer Korkishko I.O. and a representative of the parent community Zhurakovska N.S., the answer to the game question was unanimously given – “You are the best! You are the coolest! You are cool! You are girls and boys! ”