Rainbow Week


Day Three
And Wednesday was a red day. Bright, charming, unique … No wonder red is associated with fire, energy, love. It gives confidence, recharges energy, relieves angst and negative emotions, causes a feeling of warmth and has a warming effect. The day was held under the slogan “The book rushes to any coast”. During the day, elementary school students demonstrated reading skills, recited poems on the created playground, drew fairy-tale characters and had the opportunity to undergo bible and fairytale therapy conducted by psychologist T.S. Lytovchenko. Pupils of the 1-B class with the class teacher Sidenko L.M. hosted a fairy tale game to visit us, where the children talked about their favorite fairy-tale characters. In grade 2, children also love fairy tales. Today they with great pleasure together with teacher Shevchenko N.A. traveled the paths of favorite fairy tales, presenting made art-books. It was an exciting trip. The students of the 3-A class created an art workshop “Children-children”, where they showed a master-class on book-book making together with the students of the 1-A class under the guidance of the class teachers Dziuba A.O. and Harazhun L.V. The students worked in teams in a friendly and purposeful manner. Today we were able to see that. Enthusiasm and good humor were off limits.