Skillful Hands


In the recreation of the second floor there is an exhibition of creative work on labor education. It presents the products of the students they produced during the first semester at the lessons of service work, technical work and technology. The works are made in techniques: matchmaking, quilting, geometric carving, woodworking, lace sawing, sheet metal processing, felting using hand stitches, doll making in ethnic style. Numerous visitors of the exhibition saw bouquets of flowers, stars, wheels, phone holders, “Acrobat” toys, dough cutouts, whistles, kitchen vanes, dolls, embroidered paintings, appliqués. The exhibition takes place on the initiative of teachers of labor education Boichenko O.V. and Plakhotnia H.L.
In our school, it has become a good tradition to hold labor training exhibitions, where the best works performed by schoolchildren and their mentors are always presented.