Week of exact sciences


To attract and motivate a successful study of exact sciences at school was conducted a week of exact sciences.

The week began on the exhibition of newspapers on theme: “Mathematics – the queen of all sciences.” Were conducted various extracurricular activities.

Teacher Artiomova U.O. held for students of grades 5 quiz “Oh, Lucky Man!”, and for students of grades 7 – mathematical brain-ring. Teacher Kononenko T.H. with class 10-A held intellectual quiz “Mathematician show” for students of grades 5-8.

In a very entertaining way passed Informatics game “Battleship” (teacher Zadyranov O.B.) and mathematical game “Do you believe that …” (teacher Zasiadko L.V.).

Students of grades 10-11 have become participants of interesting experiments and experiments in Class “physical experiment” and “Excursions in space” (teacher Sokyrka V.M.).

For the youngest students, teachers Shevchenko N.A. and L.M. Lazorenko held “Auction knowledge” of logic, students 4th grade competed in the contest “Egghead-2015″ (teacher Polunina O.O.) and experts in the tournament young informatics (teacher Kasianenko L.I.).

It should be noted competition for the best story from mathematical story among students of grades 5-9 (teacher Zasiadko L.V.) and debate in English “Battle between” physics “and” lyrics “(teacher Voskolovych ZH.YU.). Also teacher Zadyranov O.B. held School stage of the championship of Information Technology “Ecosoft”; winners will participate in the urban stage.

Week of exact sciences held at high standards and help students in the development of identity formation needs and ability to use knowledge learned in everyday life.