Force of the Unconstrained


Pupils of 9B and 10A classes took part in the courage lesson “Force of the Unconstrained”. The event took place in the reading room of the Central City Library named after Lesia Ukrainka on the initiative of the leading librarian Natalia Hromova and was dedicated to the Day of Defender of Ukraine and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. The lesson of courage was spent on: a deputy of the city council, a former soldier of the volunteer battalion “SICH”, a graduate of our school Ivan Kosenko, a deputy of the city council, junior researcher of the regional ethnographic museum Anton Vedula, a soldier of the volunteer battalion Olexandr Borodienko, a soldier of the Dnipropetrovsk airborne brigade Volodymyr Demchenko.

The students congratulated the volunteer soldiers, who for many months guarded our peace and tranquility, defended us from external aggression.

Day of the defender of Ukraine is a holiday of the unburied. For in spite of all the troubles, the spirit of the Ukrainian people cannot be broken by any of the enemies.