SCHOOL OF ENERGY 2.0. Training in Lviv


Key teacher of the “School OF ENERGY 2.0″ Sokyrka V.M. took part in the second training. The training took place in Lviv with the theme of using modern approaches in engaging the public for the “school day of energy”. The purpose of these days is to raise awareness of the school community regarding savings and efficient energy use, the possibilities of using renewable energy and energy saving habits in the formation of every member of the community. For effective implementation of this goal, trainees under the guidance of experienced coaches mastered new methods in design and conducted preliminary planning day of energy, proposing measures that might be taken. Participants of the training were offered media project matrix, methods and channels of distribution.

The expert Oleg Harasevych presented Library of the project “SCHOOL OF ENERGY 2.0″ which includes literature, which will allow energy to integrate elements of subjects, in order to transform the school education in the center of conscious energy users.

Valentyna Mykhailivna together with the energy team will implement the knowledge acquired in the project “SCHOOL OF ENERGY 2.0″.