Results of the first semester


The results of educational achievements of school students for the first semester of 2018-2019 academic year are summed up. According to the results of the semester assessment, it should be noted that 16 students have a high level of educational achievement, 205 students are sufficient, 271 students on average. The overall school success rate is 7.54.
The highest scores are:
In the elementary school: 8.86 – 3-A class (class teacher Motrenko S.M.); 8,5 -3-B class (class teacher Osadcha I.V.); 8,34 – 11-A class (class teacher Kononenko T.H.); 8.2 – 4-A class (class teacher Sichkar T.P.); 8.0 – 5-B class (class teacher Artiomova U.O.).
At the high level the first semester was completed by Mehnina Polina and Naumenko Daryna (3-A); Koval Veronika, Polishchuk Maria, Polukhin Arseny (3-B); Zhiliaev Maxym, Liapkalo Christina, Maxym Kozlovsky, Rosina Veronika (4-A); Veremeenko Kateryna, Sabadash Eliza (4-B); Makarina Anna (5-A); Rosina Alzara (7-B); Artem Smotrytel (9-A); Inozemets Anna, Koval Alina, Nehrii Anastasia (10-A).