“Among us”


There are summer vacations, the school family is resting. Ecological projects of our school continue. It is pleasant to note that the work with the assistance of our foreign partners of the French company Bethen Enzenieri in the project of composting for the processing of organic waste has good results. The compost is located on a special platform. Laying organic waste from school dining is done by students of profile classes, biology teachers and technicians. Since the establishment of the piston, it has been possible to get about three hundred pounds of organic fertilizers.

Manager of the Marketing and Public Relations Company of the French company Betten Enzenieri Carina Musina, biology teacher Olena Ivanivna Klymenko and pupil of the 7th grade Viktoria Sas and Elzara Rosina, in the transfer of the Cherkasy radio “Ros”, “Among us” shared their experience about reasonable consumption and composting of organic waste, good traditions and the formation of eco-skills in our school.

An example of a separate collection of garbage as a resource for preserving the cleanliness of the environment is a traditional for our school, because it is a means used for greening the preschool territory. The school community is proud of the achievements and successes in matters of responsible management of solid household waste.

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