Doctors of human souls


Today in our country there is the All-Ukrainian Day of the Psychologist. Representatives of this profession help to cope with life’s troubles and overcome various stresses. Tetiana Serhiivna Litovchenko works at our school as a practical psychologist, which first of all helps to ensure a high-quality process of socialization of students in the educational environment. Much time is devoted to diagnosis, education, and prevention, corrective and developmental work and counseling of students, parents and teachers. Most important in her work, Tatiana S. believes that it is important to create in the school such conditions that each child was comfortable, that she wanted to go to her and did not feel lonely and unhappy. It is important that parents and teachers see their real problems; they want to help her and, most importantly, understand how to do it.
The doors of the office of a practical psychologist are always open and everybody can apply to Tetiana Serhiivna. Happy Holidays!