Contest of oratorical art


Anastasia Yarova, a student of class 11A, took part in the regional stage of the oratorical art contest in English. The competition was held on the basis of the First City Gymnasium on the initiative of the Lithuanian International University LCC. Participants competed in eloquence with the theme “Utopia and Dystopia”. Anastasiya Yarova (teacher Voskolovych Zh. Yu.) duly presented her speech – “Air Palace and the brutal stone”. In her talk, the girl talked about the balance of utopian and dystopia in architecture. Following the results of the competition, Anastasia will receive the appropriate certificate.

Note: LCC International University is an American-type university located in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The institution has been cooperating with Ukrainian schools since 2004. Students from 27 countries of the world study there. Seventy percent of the teaching staff is US and Canadian professors.