“Class of the year” and “Pupil of the year”


The school-wide competitions “The Class of the Year-2018″ and “The Pupil of the Year-2018″ started. At the joint meeting of the leadership of the school parliament and the old stadium, the jury consisting of Anastasiia Nehrii (9-A), Oleksandra Tyshchenko (9-B), Vladyslav Babiienko (10-A), Natalia Matiushenko (10-A) and the leaders of self-government and children’s association “Land of Adventures” (11-A), Inna Podgornaya (11-B), Deputy Director for Educational Work Parnachova N.V. and teacher-organizer Korkishko I.O. During the year, the contest jury will record the achievements of classes and individual students in order to determine the winners at the end of the school year.

The “Class of the Year” consists of four nominations: “Best Class in Learning”, “Most Active Class”, “Class-Maker” and “The Most Integrated Class”. “Student of the Year” – from six: “Best intellectual of the year”, “Best researcher of the year”, “Best activist of the year”, “Best creative person of the year”, “Best athlete of the year” and “Opening of the year”. The winners of the competitions will be determined at the end of April and will receive diplomas in the “Last bell” festive line.

We wish all classes and pupils of the school victory in the school competitions “Class of the year – 2018″ and “Student year – 2018″.